Crushed Glass Abrasive Media

A “Green” & worthwhile alternative to conventional sandblasting grits

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Re-cycled Crushed Glass Blast Media, the “New Age” Abrasive

Certified Distributor of New Age Blast Media

APC Equipment & Supply Co.

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Super Sacks

50 lb Bags

  1. Cleaner

  2. Safer

  3. Faster

  1. QPL Approved

  2. $ Savings

  3. Whiter Blast!


  1. Similar hardness to many slags, 6.0 on Mohs Scale

  2. Water Tanks, structural steel, concrete, ship hulls, brick, anywhere you use slag, sand, or other grits.

  3. Lighter weight than many slags, allowing for increased consumption efficiency. Contractors report using up to 30% less glass than slags or other mineral abrasives.

  4. Works well at 90-100 PSI, provides increased energy savings, and longer equipment life.

  5. Glass delivers very low particle embedment (less than 2%) which produces a whiter (SP-10; SP-5) finish to the substrate.

  6. Superior rust-back performance vs. mineral/slag abrasives.

  7. Reduced disposal costs due to less weight and consumption.

  8. Approved for use and on the QPL under Mil-A-22262B (select product and plants only)

Faster: Crushed glass delivers a natural, whiter metal finish that many other sandblasting abrasives. Significantly less embedment issues—up to 5 times less than slags. Dust is translucent, which allows for increased visibility and operator production!

Safer: Dust is classified by OSHA/NIOSH as "nuisance" dust. Contains less than 1% free silica unlike most coal slags and has virtually none of the OSHA identified Heavy/Toxic Metals associated with slags and some other mineral abrasives.

Cleaner: Manufactured from 100% Recycled Container Glass. Directly helps reduce landfill waste and limits the use of more toxic slags.  Non reactive and inert. It can be used near and around water.

More Benefits   
• The Coarse & Medium products are approved on the California Air Resource Board's List of ABRASIVES CERTIFIED FOR DRY OUTDOOR BLASTING UNDER EXECUTIVE ORDER G-06-053
• Glass is listed on the EPA's Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines for Blasting Grit.
• Numerous government studies in the U.S. and Europe have confirmed the environmental and work safety and effectiveness of using recycled glass abrasives.

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APC Equipment & Supply Co. 

Certified Distributor in Norfolk, Va

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The 34 second video above shows a blaster using med grade crushed glass abrasive on a 70’ boat in Norfolk, Va.

He is using a number 7 nozzle, a 375 cfm compressor with an air dryer, and has 100 psi at the nozzle.

This company likes to save money so they watch the metering and use New Age Blast Media!